Sunday, November 25, 2012

First Annual L&L Birthday Bash! Success!!

I am so excited that our first ever L&L Birthday Bash was GREAT!! We had so many friends and loved ones come celebrate with us. We had fantastic food and wine pouring out of our ears. In fact, I'm enjoying a glass of wine right now from a bottle from our party!

Our DIY photo booth was fun! I had some thoughts that because we didn't have props or anything, it would be sort of boring but nope! People managed just fine. :)

The food... omg, the food. Can I please eat that food every day all day? We had caprese salad on toothpicks, jalapeno popper dip, white pizza dip, all sorts of cheeses with sliced up with apples, crackers, and pita chips. We had open faced roast beef sandwiches with spicey jack. Heaven I tell you, heaven.

And we danced! I didn't think that would even happen given all the candles we had lit but we did and loads of people danced with us! None of the dancing photos came out at all but I'm very okay with that.

Here are a few of my favorites of our decorations a few days after and from the photo booth.

We DIY'd glass markers. These were ours :) BG = Birthday Girl
Remember the ribbon backdrop thing we did? Here's another photo.
And our new wine collection with some of the wine bottle vases.
My wife and our youngest chicken.
Us with our oldest chicken.
Very good friend, Laurza. She made the jalapeno popper dip. Yum!
Dear friends. They brought the caprese salad and a whole bunch else, too!
Kyle and Stacey. The shenanigans!
David, being a punk. ;-)
Birthday ladies! L cut her hair and she looks smokin' hot!
Overall, it was a beautiful evening. I can't wait for next year!!! What should our theme be??

Until next time... ~L