Thursday, December 6, 2012

Funky Details! Mama and Mama Rep!

Our Mamas, well, their feet anyway.
If you remember, we had all of the colors including light blue and pink. Originally, my mom (also an L) was going to be light blue and L's cousin (S) was going to be pink. They ended up switching and it worked out great!

We went shopping for their outfits together, it was really nice. We weren't planning any traditional photos of family. It's just not our style. So when we were hunting down inspiration for photos, I came across a generation photo that I just couldn't resist. Below is our version.

My mom, me, L, L's cousin. Is that not the best photo?
Same photo as above, just in color. All of our nails are fantastic!
I am so stoked that photo worked out. I can't even explain it.

Obviously, we wanted to give them gifts. We couldn't figure out what to get them. What did we do? We made them! :D We kept them a complete secret, which was extremely hard to do considering we were living with my mom at the time.

Once we got to the venue, we invited both L and S to come into the Brides' room so we could give them their gifts. Here's how it played out. I love this group of photos. So much.

L and her cousin
I *LOVE* L's facial expression. Dance, dance, dance!
Who's pink, who's blue?? Ha!
Opening their presents!
Probably laughing at the wrapping. It had loads of rainbow influences.
Alright, let's take this one off. Although, as a colorful butterfly necklace, it was perfect!
I'm going to just get this unlatched... Give me a second...
Thank you hugs!
Like I said, we didn't have traditional roles for our families. But having them involved the way they were was perfect.

Until next time... ~L