Thursday, December 13, 2012

Funky Details! The Music!!!

Update! I added photos. :D

I think selecting the music was probably the most fun L and I had when it came to planning; at least from my perspective. :) She is the music genius and I am not exaggerating. Being that she is like crazy smart when it comes to music, picking the songs for the wedding shouldn't have been all that hard. However, it was months of discussing and debating. And yet, I am totally pleased with what we came up with.

My aunt is a professional flutist and, among all the other amazing talent this woman has and is involved in, is part of a group called the Da Capo Players. They are a group of classical professional musicians. She gifted us their amazing talent for the ceremony. We bought a book of 80's music and picked about 15 songs. I cut them out of the book, measured and cut them to regular size paper, then copied them. It was incredible to hear so many of our guests singing along to instrumental 80's ballads!
Photo courtesy of Julie from American Mobile Music DJ Service
The Honor Party of Awesomeness walked in to 'Hedwig's Theme' from Harry Potter. Our friend and Celebrant did also.

We walked in to the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean.

During the ceremony, we gave the girls their own rings. We asked my aunt to play 'When You Wish Upon A Star' from Disney's Pinocchio.

We walked out to the theme from Star Wars.

It was epic! All of this music was completely instrumental! From only three instruments! So cool!

Once the ceremony was over, Julie from American Mobile Music took over for the rest of the night. I can't say enough good things about this woman and her company. I haven't worked with many DJ's but she's by far the best.
This is Julie! She added purple to her hair just for us! :D Photo courtesy of Julie.
She played the rest of the music we requested. The first being 'Raise Your Glass' by Pink! That was our grand entrance song at the beginning of the reception. I still cry when I hear that song.

Our first dance song was 'Forever' by Ben Harper. We signed it to each other in ASL. It was a big surprise to everyone. Everyone was just watching, doing a little humming and awwing. Then, when we broke apart and started signing, you could almost hear everyone gasp. And that is when all the iPhones came out. You'd think we'd have a video to upload. Not yet. Soon, I hope!

Our cake kiss was serenaded by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. We chose 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'! Fitting, right?? :)

We had several other songs throughout the night that kept the dance floor rocking! Our family song was 'That's Just The Way We Roll' by the Jonas Brothers. The girls were totally shocked that we remembered and chose that song. I loved their faces when it started playing.

Our last song of the night was 'Goodbye, Goodbye' by Oingo Boingo. I sadly can't remember hearing this song but I know it was played! Hehe... I blame the champagne! We have video that proves I danced though, so I will always have that!

I LOVED the music. It was one of the best parts of our day!

Until next time... ~L