Thursday, December 27, 2012

Let me elaborate...

Our wedding was featured on Offbeat Bride. That was very exciting! Didn't see it? Want to? Go here. :)

The submission process was fairly easy. There are set questions or categories and the couple answers/fills them out. One of the categories said: My Advice for Offbeat Brides. My answer?

Be kind to yourself.

This advice came quite simply from my swirling thoughts that usually sit just above my mind like a cosmic cloud. However, why was that my advice to other offbeat brides? Had I followed my own words of supposed wisdom and felt the undying desire to share the wealth of knowledge I had discovered??

Nope, sure didn't.

Not that I didn't want to share it; clearly, I did. I didn't follow my own advice. I didn't, as they say, practice what I had preached.

At every turn, I was the least kindest to myself. I was so concerned with everyone else, my wife and the girls, especially, that I pushed myself aside. I figured the thoughts I was having about being insufficient or not good enough or not talented enough (remember, we did LOADS of DIY) was a normal part of wedding planning. Or planning anything for that matter!

I have really great ideas. I research like no body's business. But implementing these ideas, getting the 'oh my gosh, this would be great!' out into the real world is where I struggle. And because of that struggle, I was very hard on myself. To no fault of her own, L is very opposite. In fact, she can pull an idea out of her head, whip it out in a night, and it's damn near perfect. It's a little comical because she has no patience with objects but can manipulate them to do her bidding with a magic I so wish I possessed.

Some of my projects turned out okay. They could have been better but I tried my best. I can say that now, for past projects. For future endeavors, I'm really going to try to follow my own advice.

Try is the key word. And on that note... be kind to yourself. ;-)

Until next time... ~L