Friday, January 4, 2013

Almost, but not quite.

You know how it feels when you're walking down a staircase and you misstep that last step and it feels like you've just fallen 1000 feet? Well, that's how I felt on New Year's Eve.

Some information that had been withheld from me for two months had finally been revealed. That information almost led me to have to say goodbye to this blog. I tell ya... privacy on the internet is hard enough! But when that privacy you work so hard to maintain is blatantly violated, it stings.

However, I'm plugging along. I am not going to let a few people tear down what I've tried to build. And some may say, dude, it's just a blog. Anyone who has written in a journal, written poetry, stories, or written in general about anything at all can vouch and say it's not just a blog.

Because of this situation I've been dealing with, many a post has been postponed or not even written - they've just been sitting in my head waiting for my fingers to hit the keyboard - and that time has come to an end. So be prepared.

The posts, they are a-comin'! 

Until next time... ~L