Saturday, January 5, 2013

Duality. Yule and Christmas.

I'm going to guess that y'all have figured out that L and I are Pagan but our kids aren't. Well, if you haven't, guess what? L and I are Pagan and our kids aren't! ;-)

Seriously speaking, I have never, and L when she came aboard, forced my children into any one set belief or structured religion. For the exception of having them each baptized in the Catholic faith because my grandfather at the time was adamant about it, they have been taught that they can believe in whatever they feel is right in their hearts as long as it doesn't hurt themselves or others. And that still stands today.

This is why we celebrate Yule, the Pagan holiday, and Christmas. The kids have grown up with Christmas. When our oldest was first born, I was still struggling with self identity. When our youngest was born, I was still struggling! Once I was able to really explore my faith and what that meant for me as an individual, my true spiritualism became more apparent. Still, I didn't force my children to become little Pagans. Having grown up with either religion in general or atheism shoved down my throat, I had preferred to not do that to my own kids.

I follow several blogs that have the underlying topic of Pagan families. Well, we don't fit there. I also follow a lot of blogs that are gay couples trying to conceive and they believe in God. Well, we don't fit there either. We are our own category. And please, don't misunderstand. We do not judge for who are we to do so? We respect all faiths and spiritualism in our family.

I suppose THAT is the underlying theme in our house and family. Respect. Be who you are, whatever that is, as long as it hurts not you or others and respect those who do the same.

I hope you all had a marvelous holiday, however it was spent! Many blessings to you!

Until next time... ~L