Sunday, January 13, 2013

Funky Details! The OTHER Tables!

Deemed the 'Thank you' table
We had a few tables set up at the venue. You remember the activity table, yes? That was one of them. The other tables were our 'Thank you' table and the table for the cards if anyone brought them and the wish cards we were hoping people would fill out and place in the jar. That was sort of our guest book.

On the thank you table, we placed three frames. I made all of the signs on the computer, printing them out on regular recycled paper. The frames we got at either Target or Wal Mart, I don't remember, but they were inexpensive and none of them were damaged!

The photo above is the vendor appreciation list. On our wedding wedsite, I had created a similar list that had their contact information. Because we were directing our guests to go to the wedsite so much, I'm pretty sure they knew where to find any or all of these people in the end. 

We wanted to eliminate the need for purchasing and/or making favors to try to save on budget so we decided to donate to these two great causes in honor of our guests. Again, on the wedsite, I had explained why we chose these two organizations. Obviously, the Human Rights Campaign was important to us for equal rights. And the American Cancer Society was important because L's mom passed away from breast cancer when she, L, was only 13 years old. My mom also dealt with cancer, a different type though.

Finally, this was our thank you to our guests. I had originally wanted to print these out and place them on each table setting. Yeah, too expensive, too much paper, and no. Didn't work out. Then, I thought, one on each table! Still, the same problem. So I made it big and placed it on the table that I knew people would walk up to at some point in the evening. Well, I hope they did. :)

The last two items on this table were our two engagement photo books. I wanted them away from the pens! I didn't know if people were going to look through them but they did! So much so that a bug got squished in between the pages. :( At least the guests enjoyed them.

The Cards and Wish Jar Table
The last table, aside from our Altar, was the one above. Practically everything on that table was DIY. The books came from L's cousin and from our own collection. The monkey is for L and the owl is for me. The shelf was hand stained. The book in the middle was made by me.

Can those stuffed animals be any cuter!? We had at first placed the smaller monkey and owl next to the books and they were just gobbled up by the books. These turned out much better.

One of the signs that L painted, next to her monkey. :) See the cards? Yeah, I'll tell you about that later. Sigh....

There is a closer look at the other sign L painted. The jar is actually for candles but we thought it would be perfect for the wish cards. The container holding the pens is also a candle holder! After the wedding, we found two more and now use them for their intended purpose.

If you want to know about how I made these things, let me know and I'll post the links. Or just scroll through the previous posts.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time... ~L