Friday, January 11, 2013

We went to a wedding and got the floral centerpiece!

Our dear friends, Tami and Cheryll, were married on 10.11.12. How awesome is that? It was wonderful to attend their beautiful day! To see ALL of their photos, go here. Their photographers are their good friends, Sara and Ryan. We've also had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with these folks and let me tell you, Tami and Cheryll have fantastic taste in friends.

The photo above is of one of the several center pieces that were on the tables at their wedding. L and I were one of the lucky ones that got to take one home! Ours looked a tad different than this one but you'll see, they are very similar.

A few weeks after the wedding, I drilled some holes into the bottom of the plastic they are sitting in so I could water them. And boy, did they shoot UP!

Tami and Cheryll, along with their daughter, Jo, came to our birthday bash. It was so cool for them to see the plant thriving! Well, it was for me. Haha!

Soon after the party, I noticed the plants out growing this wonderful vase. They needed separate homes. I also couldn't put them outside because the weather was too unpredictable. I didn't want to kill them or burn them or have them blown away. Thus, the process of replanting began.

L bought me 8 containers. I set everything out and placed the plants in their prospective new homes. I played around with placement but it was fairly simple. These plants seem to have made friends being in their original vase. :)

Then, I planted them. I thought of the day and all the planning they had put into their day. I thought of the love they shared and how wonderful it was to have been there to be a part of it. It was a morning full of Tami and Cheryll and Jo thoughts. I enjoyed it very much!

Don't they look great? Apart from my filthy windows? ;-) I'm hoping one of these will really take off and be so healthy and vibrant, we can give it to them for their one year anniversary next year. How awesome would that be??

Okay... since writing this and not posting it, I have had to do a little pruning. There are four really good and strong plants. I'm pretty sure those are going to make it. The other four may not. However, four out of eight isn't bad at all. And I'm still hoping to give one to Tami and Cheryll! :D

Until next time... ~L