Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Funky Deatils! Our Altar.

Everyone knows by now that L and I are Pagan. It was important for us to have a Ritual Altar at our ceremony. We made it simple but powerful.

Each candle was chosen with a specific purpose. I typed up a short ritual that L and I were going to perform right before the ceremony. Guess what happened to that paper? Yeah, it never made it to the Altar! That's okay though. We worked it out.

Everyone left us alone. We stood near at the Altar, each taking turns lighting the candles and asking for blessings in our own words. I think it felt better doing that so not having the piece of paper that I planned turned out!

Lighting the candles.

More candle lighting :)

Saying our prayers.
This moment right before the ceremony was so very needed, even having the private vows at the park. This was just before the rest of the night took over, that moment where you blink and it's all over. Standing there with her, just looking at her, being with her in the moment was breath-taking. We were hyped up, stressed out. The books had been forgotten, a few guests were calling US because they got lost or they were texting us to tell us they weren't coming or were going to be late. We had eaten but felt like we hadn't because of the nerves. I was nervous! THIS WAS IT! :)

I truly enjoyed the few minutes we took to come to the Altar and give thanks for all that had happened and all that was about to happen. We grounded, re-centered ourselves, and got ready to enjoy the night.

No matter the faith, or even if you don't have one, taking that moment to just be with each other right before it gets all crazy is super important and valuable. I wouldn't have had it any other way. Especially because we got ready separately. However, even if we did get ready together, those few minutes were just what we needed to be in step with each other.

Do it. I recommend it. :)

Until next time... ~L