Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Funky Details! What didn't work out as planned?

You know when you have the best intentions and yet, still something happens? Or when you plan very carefully, almost too much so, and it just fails?

We had a few of those.

The first one that really stands out in my mind is our card box. I worked SO hard on that thing! Turned out, it was too small. Not one of the cards we got fit. :( I should have not made the actual box but just have the bunch of books together and had the cards sticking in between them. I didn't anticipate how large the cards were going to be. Who knew that wedding cards are big? Now, I do.

Another thing that didn't work out was our idea for our guest book. On our programs, if you remember, the back of them had a card with instructions for our guests to write something, anything really, that they wanted us to know. We bought this awesome candle jar and had planned to have all of these colorful cards in it. We had also planned to have all of the cards framed one day. We thought it would be awesome to have all those messages up on our wall so we could read and see them everyday. Well.... We had roughly 80 guests. We had 16 cards in our jar at the end of the night. Oops. When we asked a few people about them, they had said that there was so much fun happening, so much love to experience, that there just wasn't time to write in it. One person even said, you know, you write in a guest book at a wedding when you're bored. There was no boredom happening at yours. That made me smile super big. :D

L's hair clip, her Hidden Mickey, was pretty much hidden in her hair. I was wearing a skirt and my Hidden Mickey was on my ankle. I don't think any one noticed but that's okay. We knew they were there. Right?

Our glasses that came in a vase was another thing. The idea was really awesome. However, we chose rainbow colored sand to place inside the vase. It turned out really pretty and as I type, I glance up and can see the vase now on display in our home. It's still pretty! I love it. The part that didn't work out? Once we pulled the glasses out of the sand, there was no putting them back. The glasses didn't have flat bottoms. So it was either hold on to your glass for the remainder of the evening or lay it down and use the glasses from the venue.

Remember the anti flower thingy things I made? Turns out those were too heavy for everyone! They drooped, some of the butterflies came off as they were being attached to the clothing. Lucky for us, our photographers got some great shots of them before they went bunk.

The Honor Party was supposed to carry books with them as they entered the ceremony. Every single one of them forgot their books. Ha! They tried to re-create the look and feel, but it was decided they just could just go without.

We also were supposed to carry handkerchiefs up the aisle. L forgot hers at the hotel so we didn't have it at the park. We ended up folding up tissue and placing them in our bras. I needed mine for sure! I bawled my eyes out all through the ceremony.

L's shirt wasn't fitted properly. My skirt was a huge mess. My corset should have been tightened all night and never was.

It may seem like I'm complaining but really, I'm not. This list is super duper short considering all the effort that was put into our wedding day. You always read about things that went wrong that no one notices but you. Well, this is our list. I'm pretty sure no one noticed but me. Haha!

Until next time... ~L