Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My avocados... a really long, but sweet, story.

In October of last year, I planted avocado seeds. I planted six of them, to be exact.  Four of them grew. Two of them grew together so I grafted them. They were growing beautifully but then got stuck. I read up on growing avocado trees and learned that I needed to trim the leaves. This would promote growth. So I pinched off the leaves as instructed.

Somehow, pinching off the leaves caused a stunt in their growth. They stopped producing leaves all together and didn't budge in their height. This is, of course, several months after sprouting and after the third must needed pot transfer.

On very warm and sunny day, I took my plants outside. Sadly, I forgot to bring them back IN. When I saw them outside on my patio table, with their tips black from the cold, I just about cried. I had been talking with them and taking care of these babies for months.

So I bring them in, I water them. I cut off the dead stems. And nothing. Just more of the dark stems. However, I can see that they are trying so hard to grow! But I'm not sure how to help them! I water and fertilize. Still nothing. Finally, I cut them down to more than half their size, seriously close to their seeds. I figure, hey, it's winter. They must be dormant! Yeah, that's what it is.


A month later, I'm ready to give it up. I've killed my plants and that's all there is. My cacti are growing like crazy so at least I've done something right!!

I am planning on giving them back to the earth. Perhaps that's where they need to be. But I'm sad because these were my babies. These plants were my reflection of success. During a time of 'I am failing at everything' these plants were succeeding! To have them die was a blow to my heart.

And then, one morning, I'm up with L and we're getting ready for the day. I look over at my plants, as I always do every morning. I'm prepared to see the same as I've always seen. Short stems and no growth. But behold!!! Two of them have sprouted new stems!!! The baby of the three has yet to sprout but the twins (the two grafted trees) and the big guy have several new stems each!


I won't bore you with photos just yet. Soon, though!! :D

Until next time... ~L