Monday, March 18, 2013

Our child is an adult.

1 day old
Our oldest chicken turned 18 years old yesterday.

I'm not sure if that's sunk in or not. To either myself, my wife, or our daughter. She's an adult.

Holy shit.

Anyone else feel that when their own children crossed that line? Like all other milestones in our children's lives, this one is thrilling. It's like a whole new world is now available to her.

She can VOTE! She can get tattoos! Get married! Yikes! Get arrested! Double yikes! Move out! Whoa! I can't claim her on my taxes anymore. Ha! 

Now that I think about it, there's a whole new world available to the rest of us, too. Like dealing with a brand new baby adult. She wants to make all the decisions about her life herself with no regard for asking for permission. She wants to do whatever she wants for the first time in her life without the need for approval. She wants to run free in the wind and have no strings holding her down!!!!

I get that. It's the freedom that comes with being 18. It's the thinking of I'm not a kid anymore, yes!

Yet, the lesson to be learned is that with freedom comes responsibility. One miscalculated step and you are on your way to becoming a shit creek survivor.

I'm hoping she has grasped the knowing that she will never stop learning. That she will always be our baby girl. That she will forever have a place in our hearts and in our home. No matter what. I hope we have taught her that mistakes will happen but to learn from them is vital. That stepping out on your own does not need to happen in haste but that she will know when the time is right. That will be a frightening time for all of us. Perhaps even a little sad, especially for her little sister. But, we are the Fab Four and always will be. We can encounter anything and make it out not only alive, but thriving.

Cheers to you, Kora, on becoming an adult! What is in store for you is endless possibility. Enjoy the ride!

And congratulations to us! Our baby is 18! 

18 years old