Friday, March 29, 2013

Time to check in.

On Tuesday, March 29th, 2011, this here little blog began. My very first post, Roam and be welcome, was written with the hopes of documenting our journey of getting engaged, getting handfasted, and getting married. Well, we did all of that, more or less. We did have our handfasting. We did have our wedding. And yet, we're still not legal. And I am STILL becoming LA.... someday. I hope soon!  

Thanks for reading with me for the past two years. It's been crazy and wonderful all at the same time.

My goals for this blog are to make it about what ever I want. Ha! It was nice having a theme of 'wedding'. I loved writing about it. Shit, I think I could write about it still! Alas, the time has come to venture out a little. I have started already. It's not just about getting married anymore. It's about living the married life. And as much as I want to say the normal life of a married couple, we do so happen to be a gay/queer/lesbian married couple. We do have two kids, one just became an adult and the other is entering pre-teen hell.

If you have been with me since the beginning, thank you.

If you have just joined me, welcome. I hope you stay around a while. Kick your shoes off... have a glass of wine. No really, the wine may help. ;-)

Until next time... ~L