Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wedding photos I thought I would hate.

We all have individual tastes, right? Some people like certain things that others don't. And thank the Goddess because we'd all be really boring if we all enjoyed the same thing.

When we were planning for the wedding, I specifically said I do not want, I'm not interested in, please don't even crop our photos to be those headless shots. If you know me, which you all should by now (right?), I did my research. Our photographer wanted our likes and dislikes. She didn't need a list and I'm so grateful for that! However, I wanted to make sure she knew our style so I created a Pin board directly devoted to the photos I liked. I would show them to L when we got the chance and I'd delete the ones she was against. Come wedding time, we had a boat load of photos on that pin board. :) It gave our photographer a wide variety to choose from when it came to shooting the wedding. And even up until the week before, I was asking her to not do those headless shots. I had seen so many of them and I wasn't a fan. It was either ALL about the bride, clearly didn't work for us because there were two. Or, it was in a pose that just wasn't flattering.

Behold! Our photographers are amazing and have caused me to turn a new leaf. In the almost 1000 photos they gave us, there were seven headless shots. Just seven.

And I love them.

I don't know if it was the way she cropped/edited them or what but I love them. They have become some of my favorite photos of the day. I don't want to believe that having my chubby face cut out of the picture made them look good to me. So I won't but don't think that hadn't crossed my mind.

Regardless... here they are, the seven headless shots I thought I would hate but adore.

Just after we had our first look!

Sharing our private vows.

Reading and signing our custom, handmade Ketubah.

Our wedding ink.

Giving the girls their wedding rings.

The handfasting, almost ready to jump the broom.

Sharing a moment after the ceremony.
Aren't they lovely? Karen and Brian, our photographers, are phenomenal.

Until next time... ~L