Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A small moment.

I love my wife.

I love our family.

My girls, all three of them, are amazing.

I strive to make them proud because I am so proud of them all.

In light of recent tragedies, it pains me to think of the people who are suffering right now because of the losses they have felt. To lose a loved one is so hard. But to lose a child so young is just devastating.

Any loss of life is something I would never wish upon anyone.

It is times such as these that make me feel like I need to gather my loves and hide them away. Knowing that is impossible, I look deep within my heart and double, triple, gazillion-triple make sure that I have said to my family - I love you. I appreciate you. You are important to me.

And not just say it but show it. Like putting down the phone to listen to a story where the teller repeats herself 8 times. Or to sit down and eat together. Or when it's bed time, taking the time to read that story together. Or to stay up until the late shift is finally over even if it means less sleep.

Or just to say thank you! Thank you for you! You light of my life.

To my wife, my oldest daughter, my youngest daughter, my mom, and to all of you who make my heart shine - I love you and I appreciate you.