Thursday, July 25, 2013

People are assholes.

 I attempted a come back, a rekindling, a 'I miss the shit out of writing and I am going to write again!', but then I remembered, people are assholes.
So, I think I want to call this time I’ve been away as an ‘on purpose break from blogging’. I can do that, right? I did post from time to time but nothing to the degree that I was doing before. I think this is for good reason.
Here is the number one reason why I stopped posting so much: People are assholes.
Not all people, just a certain specific set of people who have taken it upon themselves to take the information I put here and use it in a harmful way. I don’t take to this lightly and I don’t care for it in the least.
The whole point of this blog was to share our plans for the Handfasting and wedding. Then, share life! I wanted to be able to write about my family and our adventures. We have a few now and then.
Now, I am supremely aware that this is a public forum. I knew that going in. I thought it was an awesome avenue for people to come to my humble blog and be able to connect with what they were reading. Isn’t that the point of finding and following a blog?
It’s sad to me that people have to be vindictive and mean.
I know I could easily say eff those people. I’m not giving up my blog because of a few jerks. A large part of me wants to do just this. These people are not worth my time, nor the effort to thwart. However, this blog is and always has been about my family. And those are the people I care for. If continuing to contribute to this blog puts them in the line of fire, even indirectly through me, I just can’t justify it.
Truly, it makes me feel that sad/mad combo when I think of how far this blog has come and where I wanted to take it. You know when you think you feel super depressed about something and you start talking about it and then you want to punch a hole in something? Or when you feel so angry you could spit and then suddenly, you’re bursting into tears? Yeah, that…
I’m not giving up. I’m not giving in. I’m simply choosing to withdraw myself from a forced participation in a game I have no interest in playing. I’m not planning on taking anything down because let’s face it – they’ve probably already seen it. When it comes to the kiddos, I might take down some of those. We’ll see.

For anyone who has ever been here, thank you. I appreciate it. 

Until next time... I hope.