Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tomorrow, I become LA.

Tomorrow, we are getting married. Legally. I will, officially, become LA.

It will be small, quiet, and intimate. Almost like we are eloping.

I can't wait but I feel nervous. And it's a different type of nervous than when we had our handfasting and our wedding. I think we planned for those with the knowledge that they were spiritual and full of heart but that nothing really changed. Our commitment has always been there. Declaring it before our friends and loved ones was just icing on the cake. That, and we plan one hell of a party.

This time, though, it's different.

Did you know that we will have three massively important ceremonies? We have our handfasting, our wedding, and now, our legal ceremony (our legaling - like that?). If you add all the dates up until you get to a single number, you get the number 3.

Any of you know the significance of the number 3 in Paganism? The list is pretty long and because this isn't a post about that, I'll leave it at this: It's importance is rivaled only by the number 2, as in balance. Anyway, that is for another time.

We will have a third ring to exchange, a third set of vows, a third location, and yes, a third date in which we can hug each other just a tad tighter, kiss a little longer, and say I love you.

The romance of it all is extremely captivating. I could have really made this a big deal - read: cost loads of money. Instead, we've chosen to make it about the historic and epic experience. We honestly did not realize that we would be able to do this so soon after our wedding. We had hoped, crossed fingers and toes, and felt the loss each and every time Prop 8 reared it's ugly head. Now, there is nothing standing in the way.

That's really frightening. Remember the people I mentioned that are assholes? Well, those blokes may rear their ugly heads after it's all said and done. But you know what? I'll be ready. I'll be ready because I will have my wife at my side, I will have our children by my side, too. We are the Fab Four. We can conquer anything.

Clare at ClareSays posted this awe-maz-ing piece about love and our perceptions of love based on Hollywood. She posted a video that I had to share also. This song from this video is one of my favorite love songs. The words have so.much.meaning. It gets me every time. And this version is, yes, from Glee, but the message rocks.

Tomorrow, I will finally become LA... come what may.

I think this blog needs an update. It shall come soon. Be ready. :D

Until next time... ~L