Tuesday, November 12, 2013

60 Years Young

My mom had her 60th birthday on 11-11. Talk about milestones. What did we do? How’d we celebrate? We went to Disneyland! It didn’t take us long to figure that out. As you can tell from previous posts, we have experienced and celebrated monumental events there.
Why was it so important that we take mom there? Well, she’s always gone with us. When K was a wee one, we took our first family vacation to Disneyland. We stayed for three days and two nights at the Disneyland Hotel. What a treat. My mom came because I lived with her at the time and really, I didn’t want to go without her. She was my right hand at the time. Every year, we vacationed at Disneyland. The hotel would vary, as would the length of the stay, but mom was always there. And we all loved it.
Then, because of a grim situation, we had to take a break, several years of a break. As I have explained before – L shared my first trip back to the magical place in December of 2007. Then, we took the chickens that same year for Christmas. In 2008, we went for Christmas again, building a new family tradition and of course, mom came with us. She had just been diagnosed with cancer but had the energy for the trip. It’s Disneyland! Come on!
Then, by some weird luck, we were financially able to get us all passes (L, myself, and the chickens). Yet fate had another plan for my mom. We tried to take her in 2010 on her birthday. 1) Don’t ever go to Disneyland on Veteran’s Day ever, unless you enjoy mobs of people. 2) It wasn’t the right time for a return trip for my mom.
Jump forward to this year and it just seemed perfect. My mom has central vision loss and the vision she does have is distorted. She also has a bit of hard time walking due to the knee she broke a few years ago and developing nerve pain in her legs. Despite this, she is so strong, almost to the point of just being stubborn! Anyway, we have a wheelchair from when B wasn’t able to walk because of her arthritis. We thought we could bring it and mom could use it for when walking just got to be too much. It worked out great! She was up on her feet for most of the day. She’s a trooper! Or just stubborn. Haha!
We made it a little bit of a surprise but then did tell her the plan eventually. She was SO excited. I told her to go online and plan our day. She made a list of all the things she wanted to do and see and experience just one more time. This in itself caused me to feel a tad bit of panic and sadness. I’ll save that for another time…
We got there at park opening and stayed until the fireworks. We only went to Disneyland, but next time we’ll go to California Adventure. We got to check off most of her list and we had a blast! We even got to buy her very first pair of Mickey Ears! Of course, she got it engraved with ‘Granma’ and she wore them for the rest of the trip.
Happy birthday, Ma. Love you more than the sky never ends.
60 Years Young

Happy Birthday, Ma!

Until next time… ~L