Monday, March 30, 2015

4 Years!

Yesterday was the anniversary of my first post. It's funny, I can't really say it's a blogiversary because there was so much time in between my posts.

However, I still love this blog and very much want to write and post about being married. There are a gazillion blogs about getting married. Trust me, I followed several of them! Once the wedding is over though, the blog ends. Well, it sort of falls off the radar. Is it truly because life takes over? Or that we go back to regular living after the wedding (or whatever big event it is that is being planned)? How do we find the time to blog about planning the wedding but not about living the married life? 

Four years is quite a stretch. I always make the same proclamation. That I *will* come back to write.

I will be back...

Until next time...~L