Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Well, there you are...

It's been so long, my hands have sat on my keyboard for an hour, unsure of what to do. I leave here, come back, just to leave again. But then, to come back again.

What's happened? What's happening?

I miss writing. It's funny, sometimes, I want to start planning another wedding just to be able to make the time to write. That is insane. We plan things all the time! Our birthday parties, the kids' birthdays, family vacations, etc.

What are we currently planning... hmmm.... our oldest daughter's 20th birthday is coming up in just a week. And yes, I said 20th. (!!!!) Our youngest daughter just got cast in Annie as one of the lead orphans. We are taking my in-laws to Disneyland in September. Our third wedding anniversary is in June. Can you believe it's been THREE YEARS?? Our youngest is also turning 13 this year. Holy moly, that's crazy.

You know what else is new? I'm applying for graduate school again. Yep! It's time. Also, I quit my job. Maybe, just maaaaybe, I'll get to come back and hang out more often. Here's to hoping!

Until next time... ~L