Monday, May 11, 2015

Our very own Disney Bucket List

We are the experts at lists. Don't even get me started on how many times we make lists and for all the varied reasons. The one list we don't have? A Disney Bucket List! Not an official one at least. We don't even have a life bucket list. Let me rephrase. I have ideas in my head, Lisa does, also. We talk all the time about things we'd like to do. However, we've never put them to paper with the goal to cross them off.

I searched around for other lists and found quite a few! After reading through all of them, I've come up with a list that I feel is doable, fun, and just enough for our Disney freak of a family. I might keep adding to it now and then. We'll for sure mark them off as we accomplish them! I also plan to create a Pinterest Board just for these activities, because it's Pinterest and that's what you do!

Here goes. And they are in no particular order... just having fun.

~ Participate in the Gumball Rally hosted by MiceChat. This happens once a year and looks like so much fun. Next year is the 10th anniversary so we're aiming for it!

~ Become Gold members of D23. Years ago, Lisa gifted this to me and I lost my card at Disneyland. I was so so so so bummed. This is an exclusive fan club, basically. They have unique merchandise only available to members, and also special events for members. One event they have had in the past is a "Behind the Scenes" tour which would include not only a tour of Walt's apartment (see below) but also a meal at Club 33! Additionally, they have an expo every year, which leads me to the next item on our list!

~ Attend a D23 Expo. These events are amazing because there are introductions to all the new and fanciful things that are coming soon. There are special guest speakers, product introductions, and it lasts over a few days.

~ Visit Walt Disney World. This is one of those that seems like a duh..... However, we live clear across the US. Planning a trip there is going to take some magic. :) We want to be able to have two full weeks. That seems insane but everyone we've spoken to about it says we'll need at least that!

~ Sail on a Disney Cruise. This one is in the works. We at least have an idea of what trip we'd like to go on and have started a little savings for it. I sailed on the Disney Wonder in 2004 and if we go on the trip we're hoping for, we'll be on the same ship! That's awesome to me because then, if we get to sail again on a different ship, it will be a whole new experience for all of us. I know, I'm weird. I would love to add an addendum to this which is to sail on all four cruise ships!

~ Bar crawl at the Disneyland Resort. This one is obviously for just Lisa and myself. We'll probably invite friends to come along, if they'd like! I saw it on one of the other lists and loved the idea! This one will never be fully completed because the ONE bar in Disneyland is in Club 33. Unless by some miracle, we get in there, we won't be able to check this one off unless we make an exception. 

~ Ride all of the Mountains in one day. This includes the Grizzly Bear Run at DCA. We'd have to hit Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, the Matterhorn, and Grizzly all on one day. I think it's doable.

~ Attend a 24 hour event and stay the WHOLE time. We are planning to go on the 60th Celebration Kick Off at the end of this month. Hoping this one will be the first we mark off!

~ Disneybound. At the above mentioned Celebration, we are going to try for it. What is it? Well, basically, you put together outfits of everyday clothes that resemble Disney characters. The link will take you to an account that is dedicated for this sole purpose. It's fun and can be inexpensive. You can even do it on event days, such as Dapper Day or PUG Day at the Park (Pinup Girl Clothing). Again, these lead me into the next few items on our list.

~ Dress for and attend Dapper Day at the Parks. This event is held twice a year, Fall and Spring. They even get super duper discounts on the Disney Hotels which will be awesome when we get the chance to do this.

~ Dress for and attend PUG Day at the Park. This is similar to Dapper Day but it's all about the Pin Up Girl. I love this line of clothing and have never had the guts to buy, let alone wear, anything from their store/site. Someday, I will! And I'll wear it to Disneyland! :)

~ Stay at the Disney Aulani Resort. Holy moly, it's so beautiful. This will also be just Lisa and myself. We've asked the kids if they'd like to go and they both declined. (I know, what?) Perhaps when they're older they will want to join us. 

~ Ride in the Lilly Belle. This is the special train car that was named after Walt's wife, Lilian. Occasionally, it comes out and if you ask real nice, you can take a ride in it around the park. This is what I've read. There also used to be a tour, the Grand Circle Tour, that took place in the Lilly Belle. For a hot minute, it seemed it was going to be closed to the general public for good and only be open for Club 33 Members. Hopefully, we can still be able to catch it!

~ Visit Club 33. This is going to a be a once in a life time chance. I just can't even explain what it would be like to be in this place, not even eat there, just be in it. Maybe have a drink. :)

~ Beat my best score on Toy Story Mania. I can't get above the Beaver! And I've only beaten my wife once, so I'm including that in this item... top my wife's scores. :)

~ Stay at the Grand Californian. I have stayed once, for one night, many moons ago. I want to have this experience with my girls and Lisa. I would also like to stay for longer than one night. Because we visit the park often, I'd just like to stay in the room and/or hotel the entire visit. What? No one else loves hotels like me?

~ Participate in all of the Disneyland Tours. You'd be surprised at what you can learn on these tours! I have never been on one as they cost a pretty penny. However, lunch is included and you also get on a few rides without the wait!

~ runDisney. That's basically it. We are planning to participate in the Star Wars 5k next January but I would *love* to earn that coveted Coast to Coast medal. You have to run at least a half marathon on each coast within a calendar year.

~ White matte frame + all of the characters! We saw this being done at the park one day and thought it was the neatest thing. Basically, you get a white matte from your picture frame and have the characters sign that when you capture the photo instead of an autograph book. We've also seen people ask for their shirts to be signed. I particularly love the idea of a frame. Then, you can take one family photo to use in it and you've got all of the characters with you!

~ Get the Hidden Mickey app and find all of the Hidden Mickeys!!! We have the first edition of the book that came out. There has since been two revisions. I figure if we get the app, paying however much it costs, that will be updated and we won't need to have 8 copies of the same book.

~ Go on a scavenger hunt. There are several of these planned throughout the year by various groups. They sound SO fun and people really get into them. We could even plan our own. For example, find and photograph all of the land themed popcorn turners. That's it! We're doing it. :)

~ Take a photo at every Disney Photo opp. We've only done a few and why have we not done the others? We should do it in one day for a collection.

~ Attend Mickey's Halloween Party. We always have the intention to go and we never do. I'm not sure if it's because of work schedules but some day, we'll get out there for this event.

~ Pilot the Mark Twain River Boat. I've read that if it isn't busy, and you ask real nice, they'll let you! How fun would this be??

~ Tour Walt's apartment above the Firehouse. There are tours that have been reported to go into the apartment. I'm hoping that one of the tours we go on will do just that!

~ Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum. I follow their account on social media and it would be pretty amazing to visit. It seems pretty doable being that it's in San Francisco.

~ Get silhouette portraits of Lisa and myself. We have a ton of the kids (which I need one more of the two of them). Maybe for an anniversary.

~ Get a photograph and autograph from all of the Disney Princesses. This is a personal request by our youngest chicken. Totally doable and what a great photo album that will make!

~ Get a tour or STAY at the Disney Dream Suite. I'm not sure about the tour or how that happens but I know the only way to stay in the Suite is by winning the opportunity. We'd have to be super duper lucky!

So that's it! It's a long list and seems unobtainable but also, fun! We may not be able to check all of these off but we're going to enjoy every Disney moment.

Would you add any items to the list? 

Until next time... ~L