Monday, June 1, 2015

June is Pride and Love

June is Pride month and although there are Pride Festivals at different times of the year, this is THE month. It also happens to be our wedding anniversary month! One of them, anyway. We got married three times. :)

Our wedding wasn't just about the two of us joining our lives together. It was about making our family whole. I birthed our two girls long before L and I met. And the most wonderful fact is that it doesn't even matter. L adores them as if they were her own and our girls love her as though she's been there since day one.

We always strive to teach our children acceptance and respect for others. They know that each individual is a human being that deserves the same rights that they do. It's tear jerking sometimes and makes our hearts want to burst when either of the girls share stories of small triumphs with their friends that relate to our community. Whether it involves friends of theirs that have come out to them or teachers who have asked how we are both doing or parents of their friends being open and not even questioning who's who.

We have taken them to Pride festivals before but haven't for a few years. Perhaps it's time for another parade. They know what it means to attend and what it represents. We have had that conversation several times. I trust that they will never forget why we have Pride month or Pride festivals. They are smart, loving, kick ass young women who know they are valued and how to value themselves. And we are so proud of them.

Until next time... ~L