Monday, June 8, 2015

We've hit an anniversary!

Our anniversary is today. Three years ago, on June 8, L and I were married. Our wedding was over the moon amazing. We've been reminiscing all day, looking at photos, watching our raw footage from the videos that were taken. We haven't quite gotten the final version of the wedding video but it's in the works. Regardless, that day was EPIC and I adored looking through everything, especially re-reading our vows together. The very same vows that I could NOT get through without crying. I think I cried every time I spoke that day. HA!

We have several anniversaries. I'm sure many people do. We don't announce them but will hug a little tighter on those days. However, L and I were married three times. We were Handfasted in May of 2011, our wedding in June of 2012, and then we had a legal ceremony in August of 2013. All of them equally important. They all had different vows and activities. They all took place in very different locations. Our Handfasting was in a beautiful park in Orange County. Our wedding was in Laguna Beach. And of course, our legal ceremony was at Disneyland. :) The girls were involved in each one, also. That was significant to us because it wasn't just L and I getting married. It was all of us solidifying our family.

I bring these up because L and I decided that June 8th would be THE anniversary that we celebrate. Not because the others aren't important, they are! And like I said, we make sure to remember, to love a little longer, and to take the time to express a little extra gratitude for each other on those days.

Truly, it doesn't matter what anniversary we are celebrating. We cherish each other everyday. We are not the couple that requires dinners for every special date we share. We are not that couple that demands flowers and gifts for any specific reason. We just love and make sure to show it any time we can. One of my favorite things about L is when she's falling asleep and randomly will whisper that she loves me. I LOVE THAT. It makes my heart swell each and every time.

I did not think it was possible to fall more in love with my wife but I do. I do, every day. She and our girls are my whole heart.

Happy anniversary, my love! Eye El Why!

Until next time... ~L