Thursday, August 13, 2015

A day in the life...

...of me.

Whew! Am I sitting down with exactly 12 minutes before I have to leave to pick up my youngest daughter from school and trying to write a blog post? Why, yes! Yes, I am! I'm adventurous. Or over ambitious.

How are you? Me? I'm okay. I want to even venture out and say I'm GOOD. As we all know, life is crazy. It never stops, ever. But isn't that what makes it exciting? What would it be like if we stayed home all of the time because we didn't make plans with friends or family?

School is back in session for our now big bad 8th grader and within the first two weeks she has become the VP of one of her groups she is involved with. How cool is that? I asked her yesterday if her school seemed any different from last year to this year. Her response was wicked slick. She said, "yes, Renaissance has a new vice president" as she's smiling from ear to ear. I'm just so damn proud of that girl. She just turned 13 (can't wait to celebrate that milestone this weekend!) and she's ready to rule the world.

Our oldest is kicking some adult life ass, also! She's got a big plan in the works that we truly hope works out for her. She's got two jobs right now and staying busy. Not having her at home has been an adjustment, still. She moved out almost two years ago. I wonder, do we ever get over that? Maybe after the youngest one moves out? Or is it just doubled up? I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

Being parents of two bright, fiercely independent, young women is challenging and rewarding. Stressful. Funny. Full of so much love and light. Draining. Awesome.

Grad school has started for me. I'm halfway through my first quarter and I have an A+. Yay. I'm so motivated for December 2018. Graduation, baby! :)

Hope you all are well! And with one minute to go, I have just enough time to grab my water and sprint out the door. Thanks for always hanging in with me even though I come out and play infrequently.

Until next time... ~L